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Induction Cooktop

Canadians love their kitchens and our new Induction Cooktop combines sleek style with high performance. It provides quicker and easier ways to cook, and a faster clean-up. Shaving even a few minutes off dinner prep and clean-up is a big deal.

In the kitchen, we believe precision makes perfect. Panasonic’s next generation infrared-sensor allows precise temperature control of cookware to prevent overheating for perfect results every time.

Our induction technology makes cooking safer by eliminating the hot element or open flame found in conventional cooktops. When turned off the cooktop has a sleek, black surface that adds elegance to any kitchen. When turned on, its induction surface and electrostatic controls glow blue to match Panasonic’s suite of kitchen appliances.

Model: KY-B84AX (Induction Cooktop)

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